Iconic Photo of Woman Freeing Herself of Hijab Becomes Symbol of Iran Protests

UPDATE 1.30.18 Uncomfirmed rumors she may have been released.

UPDATE 1.24.18 Woman in photo may be incarcerated.

Update: Attempts to discredit this photo (by Buzzfeed) are addressed by Andy Ngo on Twitter.


While 100 percent verifiable news coming out of Iran is scarce, social media began sharing this photo on December 30, 2017, of a young woman removing her mandatory hijab and waving it as a flag. Some folks report she was soon arrested, although I doubt that is verifiable.

Next we saw this graphic, which many are using as a profile picture in support of women in Iran.

In addition, these personal photos were shared revealing the importance of this symbol.


To understand the cultural meaning further:


The Iranian government has shut down access to social media platforms and also to the Telegram App, so information continues to be scarce. On Twitter, you can search #IranProtests to gain some trusted information, as well as following the three Twitter accounts I have quoted above. All three are informative and reliable. Also, a YouTube channel called Freedom Messenger sends out short clips every few hours but without translation.