Donald Trump Won’t Be Charged Due to Assassination, Psychic Predicts

Lyndsay Edwards on Twitter:
Psychic predictions are spirits words not mine. As per UK law all psychic predictions/readings/spells are for entertainment purposes only.



Date: 1st December 2017

Below is the psychic prediction given to me by spirit back in July 2017 about President Trump and the Russia investigation, with the news released today that Flynn is to testify against President Trump I thought it’s best we get some insight/update from the spirit world…

My spirit guide shows me that Michael Flynn will be charged and face jail time for his involvement in the scandal. I am shown that Donald Trump will be investigated and questioned but again I am shown a court case which will take place after President Trump has passed over to the spirit world, Donald Trump Jr will be in the firing line in this court case and it won’t end well for him.  I do get the strongest sense that Trump will totally get away with all of this and those around him will be left to deal with the mess, I am still shown by spirit that Trump will be assassinated – this looks different to how I’ve seen it unfold before though, I’m not sure why that is but it could be because there is more than one individual looking to do this now and so it will be a case of who gets there first. Spirit do make me aware of an American male who has the darkest thoughts about taking Trump out in this horrific way and I am shown that he could go through with it, if he does it won’t be with a bow an arrow as previously shown to be used by the other male, this American man will use more modern day tools – it’s scary!!

It’s very sad to watch all of this madness unfold via spirit and spirit are adamant that the court case will have to continue with those closest to Trump after his death. I am also reminded by spirit that this legal investigation will continue for quite some time, enough time for President Trump to eradicate ISIS first.

Donald Trump Won’t Face Charges – Psychic Prediction