Milo Reschedules Phoenix Event; Claims Antifa Violence a Factor; Antifa Responds

Courtesy Milo Yiannopoulos, Facebook:

My nearly sold out Phoenix event has been moved to Friday, March 2nd.

Here’s why:
The company hired to run production has pulled out due to threats of violence, and the new company simply wants the time to properly ensure everyone’s safety.

There are absolutely no venue issues and this event WILL NOT be cancelled. All purchased tickets and upgrades will be honored. If you haven’t purchased your tickets yet – GET ON IT, because like all my other live events, this will sell out in advance!

Buy Tickets –

Email for any further questions!

Phoenix’s Antifa group responds on Twitter, claiming this is the third time they have shut Milo down:

Neo-Nazis Driven Off CSU Campus After Turning Point USA Event

Courtesy Unicorn Riot:

Fort Collins, CO – On Friday night, Turning Point USA (TPUSA), a right-wing xenophobic student group, held a “Smashing Socialism” speaking event featuring its founder Charlie Kirk, at Colorado State University (CSU). A call to protest the event came from the Northern Colorado Antifa Collective, who has stated they oppose TPUSA because the organization provides “sanctuary” to “dangerously prejudicial sentiments.” The evening ended with police dispersal orders as an amassed crowd of antifascists confronted a small group of neo-Nazis who arrived at the end of the event, driving them off campus.

In the days leading up to TPUSA leader Charlie Kirk’s speech on Friday night, fliers from the national socialist Traditionalist Worker Party (TWP) were found on campus. Various news outlets began to report that TWP members were planning to attend the February 2 event. While CSU president Tony Frank condemned the TWP fliers, TPUSA chapter president Isabel Brown, in statements to the Coloradoan, did not. Brown later backpedaled on her original support by stating that TPUSA condemns white nationalism; TPUSA head Charlie Kirk made statements to this effect during his Friday night speech as well.

The German anti-racist group HateXchange created a fundraising campaign to “adopt a Nazi enabler” and donate on behalf of the Traditionalist Worker Party members planning to attend. Donations from the campaign go to CSU Student Diversity Programs and to Life After Hate, an organization that works to help people leave hate groups.

Hours before the event, local police and EMTs were seen staging with vehicles and shields.

Full story and more photos from Unicorn Riot may be found here:

Neo-Nazis Driven Off CSU Campus After Turning Point USA Event

This tweet from speaker Charlie Kirk after the event denounced violence on both sides:

Milo’s Berkeley Event: Lawsuit Filed Against Berkeley & Violent Mob of Anarchists

Photo courtesy YouTube UC Berkeley Riots.


HATCH, an individual; and DONALD
FLETCHER, an individual


1. Violation of the Fourteenth Amendment
(42 U.S.C. § 1983)
2. Violation of the Fourteenth Amendment
(42 U.S.C. § 1983 – Monell)
3. Violation of Ralph Act
(Cal. Civ. Code 51.7 & 52)
4. Violation of Bane Act
(Cal. Civ. Code §§ 52 & 52.1)
5. Civil Battery and Conspiracy
6. Negligence
7. Premises Liability; Negligence
8. Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress
9. False Imprisonment


her official capacity as President of the
University of California; NICHOLAS B.
DIRKS, individually as former Chancellor of
University of California, Berkeley; CAROL T.
CHRIST, individually and in her official
capacity as Chancellor of University of
California, Berkeley; STEPHEN C. SUTTON,
individually and in his official capacity as
Interim Vice Chancellor of the Student Affairs

Division of University of California, Berkeley;
JOSEPH D. GREENWELL, individually and
in his official capacity as Associate Vice
Chancellor and Dean of Students of University
of California, Berkeley; MARGO BENNETT,
individually and in her official capacity as Chief
of Police of University of California Police
Department, at Berkeley; ALEX YAO,
individually and in his official capacity as
Operations Division Captain of University of
California Police Department, at Berkeley;
LEROY M. HARRIS, individually and in his
official capacity as Patrol Lieutenant of
University of California Police Department, at
individual, RAHA MIRABDAL, a.k.a. SHADI
BANOO, an individual; CITY OF
BERKELEY, a municipal corporation (Berkeley
DEPARTMENT, a municipal subdivision
(Berkeley California); ANDREW R.
GREENWOOD, individually and in his official
capacity as Interim Chief of Police of the City of
Berkeley (Berkeley California); CITY OF
and RIOT DOES 101-150.

Full lawsuit includes photo documentation:

Introduction to Complaint:

1. This action seeks to protect and vindicate fundamental rights. It is a civil rights action brought under the Fourteenth Amendment against government actors responsible for creating dangerous conditions and exposing the Plaintiffs to physical harm caused by a violent mob of anarchists at a student-sponsored Milo Yiannopolous event (“Yiannopolous event”) scheduled to take place at the University of California, Berkeley (“UC Berkeley” and “University”) on February 1, 2017. Government actors took affirmative measures in preparation for and in response to the riotous mob that left the Plaintiffs in a situation more dangerous than the one in which they found the Plaintiffs.
2. Government actors are responsible for creating and exposing the Plaintiffs to the unlawful actions of an angry mob of violent anarchists by directing law enforcement officers to vacate locations in and around Sproul Plaza and the MLK Center at UC Berkeley, agitating the mob by
issuing feckless disbursal orders and empty threats of arrest from a vantage point where they could ensure their own safety while leaving Plaintiffs exposed to violent assaults, erecting barricades in such
a manner as to enable angry malefactors to surround Plaintiffs and assault them and to deprive Plaintiffs of an exit route, failing to enforce the law and by other affirmative actions. By their failure to intervene or employ reasonable tactical methods to ensure the safety of the Plaintiffs and the public, government actors conducted their official duties with deliberate indifference to the Plaintiffs’ safety, permitting hordes of violent rioters to swarm the university campus in a violent rage. By their failure, government actors are thus responsible for creating and exposing Plaintiffs to known and obvious danger.
3. This action additionally seeks relief from government actors who failed to exercise their duty of care to plan effectively for the foreseeable harms brought upon the Plaintiffs and from the perpetrators of unlawful assaults.


Antifa Parody Accounts: Boston Antifa is back with a vengeance

Photo courtesy “AmishAntifa” Parody Account 

Antifa parody accounts have quietly existed for some time, spoofing Antifascist activism via Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

But one now suspended account, @antifaboston, caused all sorts of confusion and embarrassment when in September mainstream media mistook it for a Russian operative account spreading disinformation. Hysteria over Russian interference in social media peaked when someone noticed the Boston Antifa Twitter account had geo-tagged itself as originating in Vladivostok, Russia.


Even Chris Hayes of MSNBC got caught in the crossfire when he reported on the “Russian” account, later admitting on Twitter, “yeah that wasn’t my best performance.” Likewise, Oklahoma Senator James Lankford was duped.


According to North Shore Antifa, which claims to be a true Antifa account representing the Boston area, “Boston Antifa” no longer has an active Facebook page nor any other social media, any existing pages are fascist honeypots or troll accounts spreading misinformation. Please do not interact with these pages or share their content, however monitor their activity as precaution.

North Shore Antifa is currently the ONLY verifiable and trustworthy resource on social media for the actual real life antifascist organizing taking place in the Boston area.

For all inquiries/tips please message us directly or use encrypted email & contact as well as”

Well, the parody Boston Antifa Twitter account is now back up and running (Boston Antifa @AntifaBostonUSA) announcing, “The Russian @antifaboston trolls have been dealt with. We will leave our geotag on so that folx know we are legit and not from Vladivostok.”

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