Qanon: The Storm is Coming, The Great Awakening & Follow the White Rabbit

For some time, I have been curious about the Qanon hashtag on Twitter. So, I decided I better find out what it is, because it is quite popular.

As it turns out, it is a complicated and long running conspiracy theory of sorts—it is another attempt to expose the deep state—some have compared it to the pizzagate phenomenon.

Let me explain as best I can.

Know Your Meme traces the origin of Qanon to 4chan and dates it back to the end of October 2017. Q apparently refers to a security clearance and the poster identifies himself or herself as “Q Clearance Patriot.” The posts began jumping over to Reddit and then on to Twitter. Early on, The Outer Light YouTube channel also promoted Qanon as legit. Since that time, many other YouTubers have capitalized on the conspiracy theory as well as folks on 8chan.

As best I can tell, the assumption is that this Qanon person is a high level staff member inside the Trump administration who is leaking information to the public through cryptic posts and clues referred to as “bread crumbs” or simply “crumbs.”

When “crumbs” are dropped, followers try and deconstruct the message to understand what is happening inside the deep state. The conspiracy theorists believe Trump is dismantling the deep state and putting himself in grave danger by doing so. Q even posted recently that an assassination plot within the government itself had been thwarted and that, for now, POTUS is safe. Crumbs have also lead to the belief that Gitmo is being held open to eventually imprison the deep state traitors, including Hillary, Obama and George Soros.

The Q phenomenon has lead to YouTube channels and web pages and blogs that attempt to decipher the latest “crumbs.” One such personality is Jerome Corsi, Head of Washington D.C. News Bureau for Alex Jones and Corsi maintains an elaborate “decoding” of Qanon posts on scribd.

Apparently Corsi has a PhD in political science from Harvard and is a well known conspiracy theorist and prolific author. He has many books listed on Amazon, the most recent being Killing the Deep State: The Fight to Save President Trump. He also has a book on Obama’s birth certificate controversy and another on the theory that Hitler escaped death.

Qanon Endorses Book “Beyond A Pale Horse”: Book Sells Out on Amazon

So back to Qanon. There are many associated hashtags such as “The Storm,” “The Storm in Coming,” “The Great Awakening” and “Follow the White Rabbit.” Another frequent reference is to Operation Mockingbird:

Operation Mockingbird was an alleged large-scale program of the United States Central Intelligence Agency that began in the early 1950s and attempted to manipulate news media for propaganda purposes. (Wikipedia)

One theory about Qanon is that it began as what is called a “LARP.” A larp or larper is a live-action role-playing game, similar to a video game storyline but being acted out in real life through role-playing. Regardless, it has true believers who do not like being mocked and who share information readily with one another or announce the latest Q crumb and compare notes on what it might mean.


Qanon has even inspired a T-shirt!


Guantanamo Bay Art Exhibit Stirs Controversy: Opportunity to Sign Petition

Muhammad Ansi, Crying Eye (Mother), 2015.



Visit exhibit online at

Detainees at the United States military prison camp known as Guantánamo Bay have made art from the time they arrived. The exhibit will display some of these evocative works, made by eight men: four who have since been cleared and released from Guantánamo, and four who remain there. They paint the sea again and again although they cannot reach it.

Free and open to all. Enter at 899 10th Avenue (at 59th Street) and proceed to the President’s Gallery, on the 6th floor of Haaren Hall. Open Monday-Friday 9-5 pm.

Abdualmalik Abud, Yemen, 2015.
Ammar Al Baluchi, Vertigo at Guantanamo.
Ghaleb Al-Bihani, Lighthouse, 2016.
Djamel Ameziane, Interior, 2010.
Khalid Qasim, Large Sailboat on the Ocean, 2017, paint over gravel mixed with glue.
Muhammad Ansi, Hand Holding Red Flowers, 2015 (color photocopy of original and reverse, showing stamps indicating approval for release from Guantánamo).
Muhammad Ansi, Hands Holding Flowers through Bars, 2016.

NCAC Condemns Government Policy Depriving Americans of Access to Art by Guantanamo Detainees

New York, NY, 11/28/2017–An art exhibition at John Jay College in New York has provoked an abrupt change to government policy regarding art created by detainees held at Guantanamo Bay. The Pentagon and Department of Defense have declared that all art created by detainees will henceforth become the property of the US government and may no longer be removed from the prison, even upon a detainee’s clearance and release. It has been suggested that the art will be destroyed. The National Coalition Against Censorship (NCAC) vehemently objects to the violation of the public’s right to access this work and thus fully participate in the political conversation around Guantanamo. The new directive also violates the human rights of the detainees under international norms and further destruction of the work would impermissibly suppress documents of historical importance.

Since all art that leaves Guantanamo is subject to intense scrutiny by military officials, the new directive serves no legitimate national security purpose. The only purpose it appears to serve is to block the American public’s access to detainees’ artistic expression and stifle the public’s full participation in a national conversation about the US government’s policies in Guantanamo. Recognizing that the detainees at Guantanamo Bay, most of whom remain held without charge, possess human imagination may inspire an uncomfortable empathy, but Americans have a right to fully examine their government’s policies and their effects. The American public now and in the future deserves access to such documents.

NCAC and the undersigned organizations fully support the curators at John Jay College and are intervening directly with the Pentagon and Department of Defense. This baseless policy change uses art as a political football in an effort to prevent these works—and a deeper understanding of those who created them—from informing public discussion of the policies the US government makes in its citizens’ names. We condemn this attempt to obstruct the American public discourse essential to a democratic and open society.

Co-signed by:

National Coalition Against Censorship

Aica International

Association of University Presses

College Art Association

Defending Rights & Dissent

Electronic Frontier Foundation


Free Speech Coalition

Harvard Islamic Society’s Anti-Islamophobia Network

Media Freedom Foundation

PEN America

Project Censored

T’ruah: The Rabbinic Call for Human Rights

Woodhull Foundation

Add your name to curator Erin Thompson’s petition to stop the destruction of art at Guantanamo.