Update: Another Volcano Erupting in Indonesia; Mount Sinabung in Sumatra

Photo: Gunung Sinabung 12.27.17. Courtesy Sutopo Purwo Nugroho

UPDATE: 1.6.18

English Translation Courtesy Bing:

Again, mount Sinabung erupted at 6/1/2017 at 10.19 Bst. High ash columns 1500 m. Long eruption earthquakes 101 seconds. Landaan hot cloud area extends. When the eruption g. Sinabung ended? God only knows. Science hasn’t been able to memprediksinya.

UPDATE: 12.30.17

English Translation: Magmatic eruption of Mount Sinabung is accompanied by heat clouds as far as guguran 3.5-4.6 km east southeast of sector South. The rain of ash fell on villages East of the volcano. There were no casualties because the red zone has already emptied. Thousands of FAMILIES will be relocated from Sinabung.


English Translation: Mount Sinabung erupted again with a height of 4,000 metres from the summit crater, long eruption 435 seconds at 29/12/2017 at 06.11 GMT. Thin grey rain fell in the eastern part of the mountain. The Status Of The Awas. There were no fatalities and no addition of refugees.