Sean Hannity’s False Imprisonment & Other Twitter Funnies

When Fox News Star Sean Hannity’s Twitter account mysteriously disappeared in the wee hours of 1.27.18, conspiracy theories flooded the Internet, fueled in part by Julian Assange calling attention to the odd glitch on his own Twitter page:

By midday, Twitter had let a few news outlets know that the account had been briefly compromised and the company was working to restore Sean Hannity to Twitter. The implication seems to be a hack of sort occurred as opposed to the previous occasion when Donald Trump’s account was intentionally removed by a Twitter employee, but that is yet to be verified.

Meanwhile, conspiracy theorists worked hard to decipher Hannity’s last tweet, or rather it now appears the hacker’s last tweet, which said “Form Submission 1649.” Internet sleuths wanted to know if there was some sort of hidden meaning to the phrase–suppositions ranging from Hannity being “falsely imprisoned” to something to do with the year 1649.

And, of course, for many, it was just a good opportunity to poke fun at Hannity himself.




Fake Julian Assange Account is at it Again: Newsweek Journalist Falls For It

I warned you on January 26, 2018! Now this reporter has fallen prey:

Here is real Julian Assange:

Julian Assange  



Here is fake Julian Assange:

Julian Assange  


Yes, it says parody, but it is very difficult to discern the difference in a newsfeed now that Fake Julian Assange has added the little hour glass emblem. This is the same account that previously shared falsified documents saying Hillary has dementia.

Fake “Julian Assange” Says Hillary has Dementia; Retweeted 8500 Times So Far

And since I last wrote this, here’s a new fake account:

Julian Assange  



Wikileaks Plans its Own Global Fake News Awards #fakenewsnom

Fake “Julian Assange” Says Hillary has Dementia; Retweeted 8500 Times So Far

The description of the fake account even declared it was a “Parody”:

“You have to start with the truth. The truth is the only way that we can get anywhere. Parody Account. PARODY ACCOUNT!!!

Magaville, USA”

Skeptic Review Reminder:

Courtesy Media Literacy Week 2017.