Richard Feynman: The Pleasure of Finding Things Out: 1981 BBC Documentary

This short documentary is available for free at the website Top Documentary Films.

Nobel Prize Winner Richard Feynman casually discusses his early life, particularly his education inspired greatly by his father’s nurturing. Feynman’s intellectual curiosity was far from average; he commonly read from the encyclopedia and taught himself trigonometry long before it was offered in school.

Feynman speaks candidly of his involvement in the Manhattan Project, his dedication to the work, his joy when it was successful, and the emotional difficulties he faced afterward realizing the destruction it has caused.

In the final segment he discusses how his scientific approach to life affected his beliefs about why we are here, what our place is in this universe, and searching ultimately for science-based truth. He notes that doubt and uncertainty are better than believing in something that might be wrong. Ultimately, Feynman posits it appears we are here without any purpose and he is not frightened by that idea.

Richard Feynman: Curiosity: Four minutes of wonder

Created by Reid Gower

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