World’s First Aerial 360 Video Over North Korea 2017

Please note that video viewing is enhanced by moving cursor around to take a 360 degree view.

This video was made by Aram Pan with permission of the North Korea Government. The video was edited per North Korean censors, but Pan claims 90 percent of his original footage is intact.

Pan is flying an ultralight aircraft in order to create the film.

Aram Pan (潘君瀚) is a Singaporean full time photographer and media consultant. During his spare time, he travels to North Korea and captures scenes of the country that the mainstream media generally ignores. He goes by the motto “there are two sides to every coin” and the entire DPRK 360 project is all about looking at North Korea with a different perspective.

His website, is sponsored by Young Pioneer Tours, Juche Travel Services and Eastern Vision. He also maintains an active Facebook Page at