Neo-Nazis Driven Off CSU Campus After Turning Point USA Event

Courtesy Unicorn Riot:

Fort Collins, CO – On Friday night, Turning Point USA (TPUSA), a right-wing xenophobic student group, held a “Smashing Socialism” speaking event featuring its founder Charlie Kirk, at Colorado State University (CSU). A call to protest the event came from the Northern Colorado Antifa Collective, who has stated they oppose TPUSA because the organization provides “sanctuary” to “dangerously prejudicial sentiments.” The evening ended with police dispersal orders as an amassed crowd of antifascists confronted a small group of neo-Nazis who arrived at the end of the event, driving them off campus.

In the days leading up to TPUSA leader Charlie Kirk’s speech on Friday night, fliers from the national socialist Traditionalist Worker Party (TWP) were found on campus. Various news outlets began to report that TWP members were planning to attend the February 2 event. While CSU president Tony Frank condemned the TWP fliers, TPUSA chapter president Isabel Brown, in statements to the Coloradoan, did not. Brown later backpedaled on her original support by stating that TPUSA condemns white nationalism; TPUSA head Charlie Kirk made statements to this effect during his Friday night speech as well.

The German anti-racist group HateXchange created a fundraising campaign to “adopt a Nazi enabler” and donate on behalf of the Traditionalist Worker Party members planning to attend. Donations from the campaign go to CSU Student Diversity Programs and to Life After Hate, an organization that works to help people leave hate groups.

Hours before the event, local police and EMTs were seen staging with vehicles and shields.

Full story and more photos from Unicorn Riot may be found here:

Neo-Nazis Driven Off CSU Campus After Turning Point USA Event

This tweet from speaker Charlie Kirk after the event denounced violence on both sides:

Twitter Lawsuit Filed by Charles (Chuck) Johnson, Alt-Right Journalist Permanently Banned in 2015

Charles C. Johnson, who was permanently banned from Twitter in 2015, has now filed a lawsuit against Twitter for banning him although he was not, according to his assertions, in violation of Twitter rules at the time of his ban.

Johnson, also known as Chuck Johnson, maintains two websites offering “news” which Media Bias Fact Check characterizes as a questionable source. Media Bias Fact Check also says the news found on Johnson’s sites show  Extreme Right Bias including “Propaganda, Conspiracy, Hate Group, Some Fake News.”

Media Bias Fact Check Notes: “GotNews is an Alt-Right news and opinion website with extreme right wing bias in reporting. GotNews is founded and owned by Charles C. Johnson who has been called an internet troll and the most hated man on the internet. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center Johnson has numerous ties to the racist ‘Alt-Right’ and has professed white supremacist views. He also has made controversial quotes such as these: (On Blacks) ‘that they’re systematically discriminating against blacks for some reason. Or you have to believe the more obvious thing which is that they’re dumber. And enough experience with them kind of persuades you that the dumber thing is probably true.’ (On Jews) ‘And it is interesting how the things that are the most screwed up in our society — media, education, and government — seem to have a disproportionate number of them.'”


Johnson claims that emails released by Buzzfeed News in December of 2017 show Twitter execs admitting that Johnson was not technically in violation of rules.

Johnson has begun a fundraising campaign with a goal of $100,000 to help pay his legal fees. He describes the campaign as follows:

Make Twitter Great Again #FreeChuck2018

Make Twitter Great Again #FreeChuck2018

This is your last chance to stop Twitter’s management from stealing the next election by stopping them in court.

Click here to Read the Lawsuit

They suspended President Donald Trump. They’ll suspend you–if they haven’t already.

Indeed Twitter has far more power than any fake Russian Facebook ads. Who has more power to influence politics in the U.S. — Vladimir Putin or Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s part-time CEO?

It’s no secret that Twitter hates conservatives and they are working to silence you from the social media sites you love. This is your chance to stop the shadow banning once and for all.

I know you’re probably thinking that Twitter is a private company — they can do whatever they want! — but we have rules and laws against monopolies like Twitter misbehaving.

If you have to bake the cake for the gays why don’t you have to provide the Internet — a civil right according to the UN — to everyone? Should the global public square be owned by the pro-Antifa Silicon Valley left?

Jack Dorsey once described Twitter as a “utility… a broadcasting system for the Internet…like electricity.”

Can the electric company turn off your power or the water company shut off your water because they don’t like your politics?

Lawsuits like this one are the only thing that prevents the Internet from becoming like the lyin’ media and CNN.

So vote with your wallet and help us make the Internet truly neutral before it’s too late.

And yes, we do accept cryptocurrency (contributions do not show on the total collected).

Milo Yiannopoulos, Roger Stone Announce Anti-Trust Lawsuit Against Twitter

New Antifa Documentary Now Online: Global Uprisings

Update: The new 30-minute documentary is now available for free viewing or download here:

ANTIFA: Special January 20th Screener!


The film will be available online by midnight Central European time at the end of January 19, so anyone can organize a screening and download it to show on January 20. If you need to communicate with someone in advance about showing the film, email

Here’s a trailer for the film:

Since the election of Donald Trump, acts of racist violence have proliferated across the United States. Racists and misogynists feel emboldened to express and act on their views. White nationalist groups and resurgent traditional white supremacist groups such as the Ku Klux Klan have used Trumps victory to gain new recruits. All that stands in their way are the groups of anarchists and anti-state communists who have taken it upon themselves to prevent fascism from becoming a powerful political force in the United States. This film tells the story of what “Antifa” is and why people are using these tactics to confront racism and fascism in the US today.

Who are the anti-fascists? What motivates them to risk their lives to fight the far right? What is the history of militant anti-fascism and why is it relevant again today? How is anti-fascism connected to a larger political vision that can stop the rise of fascism and offer us visions of a future worth fighting for? Through interviews with anti-fascist organizers, historians, and political theorists in the US and Germany, we explore the broader meaning of this political moment while taking the viewer to the scene of street battles from Washington to Berkeley and Charlottesville.

New Documentary on January 20, 2017: ANTIFA

Rebranding White Nationalism: Inside the Alt-Right: Atlantic Short Documentary


Original short documentaries produced by The Atlantic

Author: Daniel Lombroso

Richard B. Spencer greeted an audience of more than 200 at an alt-right conference in Washington D.C. last month with the cry, “Hail Trump, hail our people, hail victory!” He was met with enthusiastic cheers and Nazi salutes, and The Atlantic’s clip made headlines. This short documentary goes further inside Spencer’s ethnocentric worldview to understand what his plans are for the so-called alt-right—namely, to bring white nationalism out of the shadows. “I don’t see myself as a marginal figure who’s going to be hated by society. I see myself as a mainstream figure,” he said. Spencer and other alt-right leaders see Donald Trump’s rise as the first step towards a whites-only state. “Our lived experience is being a young, white person in 21st century America, [and] seeing your identity be demeaned,” Spencer said. “I’ve lived in this multicultural mess for years and I’m trying to get out of it.”

Beyond Diversity is a project of The Atlantic, supported by the Open Society Foundations.