Skeptic Review: About Us

About Skeptic Review & About Us

Skeptic Review was founded in August of 2017 by Gretchen Mullen and Max Mullen to establish a single, one-stop online source for all things skeptic. Skeptic Review covers the most significant leaders in today’s skeptic movement and newsworthy events across the globe.

Categories established at the time of our launch include:

  • Feature stories and interviews
  • Reviews of books, films, apps and more
  • Current News Items
  • Event planning calendar
  • Skeptics We Love
  • Podcasts We Love
  • YouTube Channels We Love
  • Tweets We Love

Gretchen Mullen is an award-winning journalist and former magazine editor. She has a BA from Rice University and an MA from The University of Tulsa as well as graduate work at the University of Texas at Austin. She also attended the Center for Montessori Teacher Education in New York.

Max Mullen is a current student of philosophy, a voracious reader, a self-taught skeptic, and a Socrates look-alike.

Gretchen Mullen and Max Mullen are a mother-son writing team.