Rapture Letter: Here’s what your letter should include

With two predictions of the end of the world coming up, one on April 23, 2018 and another in June (see below), it’s time to write your Rapture Letter.


Leave your letter in a plastic container that is marked “to be opened after my disappearance.” (There are also paid services that will automatically email your letter to designated addresses on your behalf because the Internet will still be operating.)

What to include in your letter:

Dear Friend or Family Member,

I have disappeared unexplainably along with millions of others and probably all children who are younger than 13-14 years old. There may even be a pile of clothes left in the spot where I was last seen.

Many of you will wonder what happened. Science and mainstream media (possibly CNN) will try to offer various explanations such as:

I disappeared voluntarily.

I was murdered.

I was abducted by aliens.

I disappeared as the result of a secret military experiment.

The truth is that The Rapture has occurred and I am now safely and happily in heaven.

As predicted in the Bible, now begins The Tribulation. This is a period which will last for 7 years. During this time, you will have an opportunity to confess your sins and become saved so that you can join me in heaven, but you will need to be prepared for what is about to happen.

Gather cash, preferably gold, silver or diamonds, and survival supplies like canned food and water. Buy a generator and weapons and ammo. Move out of populated areas if possible. If you can get to Israel, that will be best. Hide your Bible in a safe place.

A charismatic (male) political leader (likely of European, possibly Roman descent) will emerge and things will seem good because there will be peace in the Middle East and the leader promises to unite the world under a one-world government.

This leader is actually the anti-Christ. You will be pressured to take his “mark.” It could be just be a tattoo, but it may very well be an implanted chip or invisible mark made by a laser. Don’t fall for it. It is the mark of the beast and it will condemn you to eternal damnation.

Expect that 2 male messengers/witnesses will be sent to earth by God to offer redemption, but they will be mocked and discredited. They will perform miracles. They will be on earth for 3 and a half years (1260 days to be exact) and then will be murdered by the anti-Christ himself. The two messengers are probably Elijah and Moses, but not everyone agrees. God will resurrect them and take them to heaven after their physical bodies are desecrated for 3 days.

Then, the Tribulation turns into the Great Tribulation and conditions will become worse. Try to get to Petra if you can.

The earth will begin to experience more natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods. Famine and plagues will also occur. There will specifically be a killer earthquake in Jerusalem. A giant meteor will hit the earth and strange astronomical events will also occur.

Expect the Great Tribulation to be hell on earth with wars and ethnic fighting. Lawlessness will be terrible. Christians will be persecuted and slaughtered for not joining a type of one-world religion pushed by the anti-Christ.

At the end of the seven year period of devastation on earth, Jesus will return in physical form. He will defeat the anti-Christ, but (this is in dispute) it might take another 1000 years for Satan to be defeated on earth.

If you have managed to be saved before this time, or before you are murdered because you are a Christian, you will then join me in heaven. If not, you will be cast into the pits of hell.

P.S. Please e-mail “my rapture letter” to all in my Yahoo mail contact list. Also, if my pets are still alive, please take care of them as long as you can. Thank you.

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  1. I missed the last ones and would really like to see at least one before I decompose. So would someone please remind me nearer the time. Thank you.

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